If you want to laugh til you cry, read this.

Banana Slicer   If you’re in need of cheer please direct your attention to this product on Amazon. It’s a fantastic kitchen tool for slicing bananas and it has *great* reviews. (seriously, just read the reviews)

Healthy Low Carb Bagel Recipe

Yeah you heard that right. Okay, so they’re not quite as good as bagels… When I’m trying to avoid bread and keep my carb intake under control, I make these everything bagel bites. They are super easy and about as healthy as bagels can possibly get! They’re a great grain free low carb bagel snack.… Read More »

Happy Belated New Year?

Surely you’ve forgotten about me by now, what with my complete lack of blog posting. SORRY! I won’t bore you with the same-old ‘life gets in the way’ and ‘time flies’ BS. I mean really, we are all busy people and everything is about priorities. And so obviously this website hasn’t been a real high… Read More »

Thank goodness for backups

My website was hacked and deleted today! How about that. Maybe it was random, maybe targeted. I’m not sure, but today when I visited my website – blank. nothing. NADA. I panicked – for a second. Thank goodness that I’m a web designer by trade and pretty tech savvy! I logged right in to my… Read More »

Life Updates – Fall 2014

Hi everyone – just thought I would write a post to let you know that I’m still alive and kickin’ – though I’m not really sure many people actually read this blog. I was so fired up when I started the blog (as when I begin most new projects) and over time I have sort… Read More »