A Regular Update

By | January 12, 2010

I WANT COFFEE. I shall make some. 🙂 I might also be slightly addicted like Emily, but often I make my own at the office. Anywho, here is an update on my weekend and yesterday.

Saturday I enjoyed family time, exchanged late Christmas presents, and had a really nice dinner. It was lots of fun. Sunday involved some cleaning and organizing. Then we went out to dinner before we went to the roller rink and ordered roller skates and then went skating from 8-10. Here’s a pic of what my new skates will look like. So Excited!

Yesterday I worked all day. Tonight will be spent at home with roommates and friends.
p.s. My latest craze is online pictionary. so fun!

2 thoughts on “A Regular Update

  1. Emily

    Coffee is COMPLETELY addicting. I never drank it until like last year, and I’ve started drinking it more and more often lately 😛 Alsooo your skates are really cute! Were they expensive? I told Zach I wanted to take up rollar skating this summer as a way to stay healthy and active on nights when I dont necessarely feel like going to the gym afterwork.

  2. Bex

    yes, the skates were expensive! $150ish. They will pay for themselves after we go skating 39 times without paying the rental fee. It’s fun and burns like 540 cals after an hour and a half. (estimation from some website I found)


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