About Me

I’m Rebecca – but you can call me Bex!

I’m a 20-something East Coast girl. I live with my boyfriend, his dog (Simba) and my kitties (Raja & Felix). I went to college for graphic design and after graduation I worked as a web designer for over 2 years. Now I’m working as a surface pattern designer. I love all facets of design, but also I love learning and exploring new subjects. 

I like roller derby, wine, beaches, South Florida, sushi, riding my motorcycle, scuba diving, making soap, and spending time with my boyfriend. 🙂


Day in the life


I spend my day (8am-5pm) at my full time job. That involves sitting at the computer usually all day working with business owners to create a website, marketing plan, or promotional piece to advance their business. When I get home, I try to relax for a few minutes with the pets before I make dinner. 3 Nights per week I have roller derby practice! Other nights I do some cleaning or other house projects or just relax at home. One of the best nights of the week is Monday. Margarita Monday – my BF and I always go to our fav restaurant for cheap margaritas and quesadillas! <3

My weekends involve chores, errands, and occasional part time work. Last year I worked a part-time side gig as a brand ambassador. Yep you could find me at the grocery handing out food samples! It doesn’t pay much, but it’s fun and I plan to continue this spring and summer focusing more on wine-tastings and bar promotions! The side cash is going towards home improvement!

New Directions

Recently I’ve really felt cravings for personal development. I feel compelled to learn new things and move in new directions. That’s part of the reason I decided to start blogging again. Some of my new interests in learning are green/off-the-grid living, gardening (I’m terrible with plants), soapmaking, DIY cleaning products, winemaking, websites for profit, side jobs, personal finance, health & fitness, and all things natural and organic. (yeah I know it’s a LOT)

So enjoy my blog while I try to narrow down my new interests and focus on something that I can share with you!