Blogging is Hard

By | May 9, 2014

You may probably disagree with me. I have quite a few blog post topics written down, but actually taking the time to sit and write is my largest challenge.

Ok so you finally sit down and write your post. But you want some facts and statistics to back up your point or argument so you’ll spend some time researching and citing some sources. Then you want to make your post look pretty with photos, graphics, and a nice layout. So in order to do that you either need to take some photos, buy stock photos, or scour the internet for free images under Creative Commons (that’s a real time-sucker-upper). Now that you have your photos picked out then you should edit them, resize, optimize, add text…. whew. Before you post you want to make sure you have your featured image set, the right category set, and even more work if you do any SEO (Search Engine Optimization). “Publish”

Oh shit, there’s a typo. Or you could re-word that sentence better. Boy that sounds redundant. Ok go back and edit your post. “Update” Ok now you’re done. Oh wait one more thing…

You get the idea.

So. Sorry I don’t post often OR consistently! I’m just getting started with this blogging deal and of course if you know me at all my life is pretty hectic. (Isn’t everyone’s?! Seems so) I sleep in until the last possible second before I need to get dressed and go to work. I have roller derby 3x per week plus additional work outside of practice for my position on the Board of Directors, and did I mention promoting bouts and representing at public events? It’s a huge commitment! By the time I get off work, unwind for a minute, change clothes, and eat something, it’s about time to get ready for practice. On other nights I either do errands or chores around the house, NOTHING, or spend some time with friends. After work I find it difficult to get back on the computer to post on the blog or on other websites I’m working on. In addition, recently I have been spending quite a bit of time helping my sister. My experience with my sister could be a whole blog an and of itself. Maybe I’ll suggest she starts that when she gets outta the big house.

Anyway. Maybe I will get better at this over time. I’m sure with more experience, I will work faster, more easily, and more efficiently. Hopefully!

In other random news…

Me Roller SkatingMy first Roller Derby Bout of the season is TOMORROW! WOOO! It’s an away bout, 2 hours from home. It’s also our first WFTDA Sanctioned bout! Neither us nor our opponent is ranked yet. But we played this team almost exactly 1 year ago and took the win 242-135 and the Flat Track Stats Predictor Tool predicts that we will win again. Plus we have been working really hard on our strategies the past several weeks so I’m very optimistic.

Expected Win Probability: 92%


EDIT: How could I also forget to mention that tomorrow I am participating in the RUN or DYE 5k? I have participated in a couple 5k runs each year but I’ve never done one like this! And what’s better is I’m doing it with my BFF! From what I understand, it’s not timed so I might use a phone app to time/map it. Or maybe not. I don’t really like running and I’m not competitive about 5ks, I just think it’s fun to have a large group of people headed in the same direction working for the same goal. And the free food. duh. 😉

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6 thoughts on “Blogging is Hard

  1. DivHut

    Blogging can be hard but it’s what you make of it. Simply embrace the challenge of writing and accept it. It will be easier to achieve your writing goals when you embrace instead of fight the task that’s ahead of you.

    1. Bex Post author

      Yes that’s true! I just found some articles containing lots of tips for blog planning so I’m looking forward to becoming more organized and intentional with my blog. Thanks for reading!

  2. Christine Berry - Wealth Way Online

    I think blogging’s really hard. I find it hard to consistently come up with interesting, informative and educational stuff that people might actually want to read. I think it’s totally worth it though 🙂 And I’m glad you find the energy too. Hope your run went well 😀

    1. Bex Post author

      Glad I’m not the only one! And yes the run went well. It was very non-competitive (no timing or prizes/placing) So I took it easy. I wanted to save my energy for roller derby – We WON! woo hoo

  3. Kraig


    Keep up the good work. You’re doing great! Yes, It’s hard for me too, but like others have said, it’s worth it when you’re done.

    Let me know what I can do to help!


    1. Bex Post author

      Thanks. I’m sure that I’ll have questions as I continue and I will be sure to shot you an e-mail for help.


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