Blogging is More Fun than Homework, duh.

By | February 5, 2010

I should totally be doing (past due) homework right now, but blogging is way more fun and I couldn’t really give 2 shits less about the class. Yeeeaaaah. So unlike me. Speaking of my excellence in school, the other day I got an email invitation to join Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society! I tried to get in last semester, but I was a few credits and/or .05 GPA points away from qualifying. Now I qualify! So I’m going to be inducted later this semester. Anyone else I know in it or invited also? They say I’m in the top 10%. Pretty impressive, huh?

This morning I had a hard time getting up for work. Literally. My abs hurt so bad from the Abs workout class I took yesterday. That class is kickass….er….kickabs? haha. I definitely gotta keep going to that class on Thursdays so I can get awesome abs! hellz yah.

Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow.
That’s all I keep hearing. Apparently grocery stores are wiped clean. Seriously? People get way too worked up over this kinda thing. I can live off of random crap in the pantry for the whole (*GASP*) 2 days MAX we will be “snowed in.” I would, however, like to invest in a snow shovel….or at least something bigger than the spade I used last weekend to dig out my sidewalk.

4 thoughts on “Blogging is More Fun than Homework, duh.

  1. Maher

    haha I freaking love your blog. It’s very practical and I love hearing about your life and your graphics stuff. Pam shows me different students’ artwork all the time and she always mentions stuff that you did when she had you as a student.

  2. Bex

    I’m glad some people think I have talent, because I pretty much hate all my old work. As I work on something I like it, and then 1 day after I finish, I hate it and think of 100 ways to make it better. but im lazy. suckkkks. haha. I’m glad you read it. I thought that no one read my blog but my “followers”


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