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Healthy Low Carb Bagel Recipe

Yeah you heard that right. Okay, so they’re not quite as good as bagels… When I’m trying to avoid bread and keep my carb intake under control, I make these everything bagel bites. They are super easy and about as healthy as bagels can possibly get! They’re a great grain free low carb bagel snack.… Read More »

Weight Loss Update

In case anyone out there cares about my weight, I thought I would blog about my weight gain history and how I’ve been tackling that issue. I gained when I went to college (SURPRISE!). At first, It was from eating JUNK instead of fantastic dinners my father used to cook. Then the combination of crappy… Read More »

Blogging is More Fun than Homework, duh.

I should totally be doing (past due) homework right now, but blogging is way more fun and I couldn’t really give 2 shits less about the class. Yeeeaaaah. So unlike me. Speaking of my excellence in school, the other day I got an email invitation to join Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society! I tried to… Read More »

Snowy Friday

TGIF! Snow! Yay! Yesterday was a good day despite being sore from Tues workouts. Perhaps I should have gone to yoga Wednesday to stretch out all the soreness? Then I still went to body pump despite the pain… I should really take some rest time. I’m on a roll – must be getting smaller because… Read More »