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New Quaker Granola Bar Packaging

This is very cool. I discovered the new packaging while I was grocery shopping the other day! Instead of packing a box of granola bars, the bars are stacked and held together with a perforated label. Just grab the top one and rip it off! I love this idea for 4 simple reasons: 1. Eco-Friendly.… Read More »

Awesome Typography Poster

I love this poster and I’m seriously considering purchasing it. It’s by a student from Denmark named Julian Hansen who is studying graphic design at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. *hint: click to enlarge Click here to buy this poster! Edit: I did buy this poster and I love it! 


Good morning. Today I have examined a couple logos and I have to say, I’m not a fan of recent changes. The two logos I have taken a look at are Google and Seattle’s Best Coffee….both of which are a part of my daily routine! First up, Google. Honestly, these changes aren’t so bad. There… Read More »