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Printing Galore!

So recently I have been printing SO much stuff! I got my business cards printed up for the Senior Art Show which is this Friday. Plus all of my artwork for the show and my portfolio printed at the local copyshop downtown. But here’s the best: I bought my dad some stuff from VistaPrint for his… Read More »

Didn’t Get The Job

I had a job interview yesterday and it went very well. It was a web design position with ample training and educating. They wanted a graphic designer above a programmer, but I’m both! I have the “eye for design” and I am very eager to learn more web design! Unfortunately, the position was filled last week… Read More »

Graphic Design Posters

Today I found a webpage that had a collection of awesome and inspiring graphic design posters. I wanted to share my favorite 10 here on my blog! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1   >>> Click here to check out these awesome posters