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Spotted: Light at the End of the Tunnel

If you have been keeping up with my recent posts, you may be wondering more about my house situation. If you didn’t read those 2 posts, here are some quick summaries before we get into today’s post. Home Owner & Landlord at age 19 – I decided it was time for me to move out. I wanted… Read More »

Home Owner & Landlord at age 19

My first house It was after my freshman year in college. I had lived with my dad that year and I decided it was time for me to become fully independent and move out. So I pitched a crazy idea to my dad, and he actually agreed: I wanted to buy a house. At age… Read More »


I’m putting all my cards out on the table. My personal goals, my blog goals, everything. I’m good at planning, making lists, and setting goals. But when it comes to the follow-through, I tend to fall short. I lose interest or get discouraged. I want things to be perfect and so I will over plan… Read More »

There’s Gotta be More to Life

We have all thought it at some point, right? There’s gotta be more to life than this. More than this 8-to-5. There must be some greater meaning in life. That’s where I am right now. And I think it’s a big reason I’ve decided to start blogging. I hope someone can tell me I’m not… Read More »