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Money Saving Tips: Cell Phone Bill

6 Month Review – Ting Mobile Money Saving Tips – Blog Series So I’m going to start a series of posts about how you can save money and live on the cheap like I do! Living on a dime is something that many young adults right out of college are very good at. You spent… Read More »

How to Graduate with (almost) NO Debt

College debt is ridiculous After four years of studying and partying Suzie* has racked up $21,000 of undergraduate debt. And then she’ll spend months trying to get a job with no luck in this job market. What blows my mind the most is that she thinks that this is normal, unavoidable, AND that she will… Read More »

Re: Pet Peeves

This post is in reply to a post that Emily made on her blog about her pet peeves. I could probably take the time to think about what my own pet peeves are, but mostly I just want to reply to Emily’s post. I totally agree. I come from a very modest family (single dad w/o… Read More »