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All the posts from my blog before moving to my new domain.

My Old Blog

Somehow it slipped my mind! I have an old abandoned blog I started in January 2010. This poor half-dead blog that I periodically revived after months of silence. Well I found it again today and I discovered that I actually got some traffic on it, even still! What!? SO- rather than completely abandoning it, I… Read More »

7 Days, 3 Big Cities

The next 7 days are going to be busy and exciting for me as I travel all around the Eastern US. The first trip will be Saturday, Leland and I are driving to Philadelphia, PA for the Salisbury Rollergirls All-Stars first away bout of the 2013 season. We are playing none other than Philadelphia Roller Girls… Read More »

New Quaker Granola Bar Packaging

This is very cool. I discovered the new packaging while I was grocery shopping the other day! Instead of packing a box of granola bars, the bars are stacked and held together with a perforated label. Just grab the top one and rip it off! I love this idea for 4 simple reasons: 1. Eco-Friendly.… Read More »