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Reflections on Roller Derby

I spend last weekend at my favorite annual roller derby event, ECDX (East Coast Derby Extravaganza) hosted by Philly Roller Girls.    Every year I have a great time at ECDX, my 3rd year in attendance was no exception. I mean the weekend combines several awesome ingredients which create one awesome event. Roller Derby +… Read More »

Blogging is Hard

You may probably disagree with me. I have quite a few blog post topics written down, but actually taking the time to sit and write is my largest challenge. Ok so you finally sit down and write your post. But you want some facts and statistics to back up your point or argument so you’ll… Read More »

7 Days, 3 Big Cities

The next 7 days are going to be busy and exciting for me as I travel all around the Eastern US. The first trip will be Saturday, Leland and I are driving to Philadelphia, PA for the Salisbury Rollergirls All-Stars first away bout of the 2013 season. We are playing none other than Philadelphia Roller Girls… Read More »