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My Old Blog

Somehow it slipped my mind! I have an old abandoned blog I started in January 2010. This poor half-dead blog that I periodically revived after months of silence. Well I found it again today and I discovered that I actually got some traffic on it, even still! What!? SO- rather than completely abandoning it, I… Read More »

11 Reasons Maryland Sucks

My Post-Maryland Day Reflection Yep, Many people recently celebrated National Maryland Day on March 25th. So many people are so proud of Maryland and love it here but I’m not so enthusiastic. I’ve lived here for about 22 years (88% of my lifetime) and it hasn’t always been that bad but now that I’m an… Read More »

So it’s Been 3 Months

And I’ve really done nothing with this blog since setting it up and my first post in November. Shame on me. And yet I think about this blog quite a bit – and how I should really be DOING SOMETHING about it. But what? I’m so confused about the purpose of the blog (and my… Read More »

Hello World!

This is my first post* on my shiny new domain name. My blog’s not “live” yet – I’m still designing, coding, editing, etc! Well it is but I’ve not shared the link with anyone yet! I’m really excited to start this blog. I have only ever had 1 blog before and it was basically just… Read More »