First Day of Spring (semester)

By | January 25, 2010

I had a pretty awesome weekend before the spring semester. On Friday Night I hosted a little “girl’s night” at my place with my best girlfriends. Our intentions were to play board games, but we mostly chatted since we don’t hang out much and there was lots to talk about.

Saturday night I went roller skating (story of my life now-a-days) with Melissa. She brought some friends too. This was fun because we actually did the limbo and hokey pokey — even though we looked like complete dorks.

Sunday: cleaning, shopping… done. Got hair dye and did a DIY cut and color. 😀 So now I have super awesome hair that reminds me a little bit of my crazier high school days.

Last night I barely slept through the storm because I am so concerned about the neighbor’s nearly-dead tree falling on my house. I was repeatedly having dreams about other peoples’ houses being damaged from the wind and then the tree would fall on my house and I would wake up. And look outside at that damn tree. I slept in because of the lack of sleep.

Ironically it was raining (and I was whining about it) on my way to my “Weather and Climate” class. And then by the time class was over, it was sunny! For extra credit we can participate in a semester long weather forecasting contest…. The weather is SO unpredictable here! That will be fun. Class seems like it will be easy, 80% of our grade is 4 tests, and 20% is labs which he said are easy. So does that mean no homework? hell yah!

Now I’m working 2-10. I’m going to try to get some web design homework done, but the phone is ringing off the hook today!

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