By | March 8, 2014

I’m putting all my cards out on the table. My personal goals, my blog goals, everything. I’m good at planning, making lists, and setting goals. But when it comes to the follow-through, I tend to fall short. I lose interest or get discouraged. I want things to be perfect and so I will over plan and contemplate and procrastinate and then life gets in the way. I’m hoping my publishing my goals on the world wide interwebs, I can keep a fire lit under my ass to keep going. So here it goes.

Blog Goals for 2014
Pace myself and develop a posting schedule
“Go Public” (share my link) sooner rather than later
Re-Design my blog down the road
Find Direction – What’s my blog going to focus on?
Make blogger friends and ask for tips and feedback

Moving on to personal goals: obviously I have TONS of goals in life but I’m just going to name a few that pop to my head. And categorize them a little.

Personal Goals for 2014
Continue to improve my health
Kick my sugar habit
Do more yoga
Have a successful roller derby season
Learn some survival skills
Have a more successful garden than last year

Life Goals (woah)
Take an extended Costa Rica volunteer vacation
Figure out & go after my “dream job”
Get married & start a family
Spend enough time with kids (SAHM?)

I’m in search of freedom and a career I love. I think I’m ready for marriage (my first attempt didn’t go so well, which leaves me slightly hesitant but “the clock is ticking”). Then babies…. but I want to be able to stay home with my children. I don’t want to dump them at daycare and work my life away. I have been inspired by some awesome bloggers who have been able to create a life that enables flexibility and spending time with their family. They are following their dreams! I don’t even know what my dreams are yet! ha ha. Well hopefully I will discover more about myself this year and get on the path to follow and fulfill my dreams too!

What are your dreams? Goals? Share in the comments!

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