Happy Belated New Year?

By | January 27, 2015

Surely you’ve forgotten about me by now, what with my complete lack of blog posting. SORRY! I won’t bore you with the same-old ‘life gets in the way’ and ‘time flies’ BS. I mean really, we are all busy people and everything is about priorities. And so obviously this website hasn’t been a real high priority. During the late fall and early January I’ve been relaxing and spending time with friends and family. So a quick recap of life to catch you up? OK
What I've Been Up To

My BF, his friends, my dad, and brother worked together to put a new roof on my house. I bought all the materials and they did all the labor. I am so grateful! The new roof looks wonderful.

My BF and I began remodeling the staircase. We ripped up the old carpet and stripped off a lot of paint. He did some sanding and then we kinda dropped the project, so the stairs are a mess until we work up energy to finish the project haha.

Thanksgiving was fantastic as usual, one of my favorite holidays. The day consisted of target shooting, family dinner, bonfire, and fireworks! That’s how rednecks do it.


Christmas Shopping, Decorating the house, and Holiday parties. What else is there in December? Also in December I roller skated on a mini ramp for the first time ever. I wasn’t terrible and I even dropped in. I can’t wait to try it again.

Christmas day was wonderful and we had a gift exchange, great family dinner, and a bonfire.


Spent New Years downtown, it was seriously freezing.

This month I started getting my shit back together when it comes to health, nutrition, etc. Why? Well because I put on 5 lbs over the holidays and Roller Derby off season, and because it’s Derby season again, with All-Star Tryouts this month!

So I began tracking all my food and exercise, and derby practices have started up again 3x/week. On instagram I joined 2 challenges for January (Simple Green Smoothies + Be Strong in 2015 Yoga Challenge) and started out stronger than I’ve been doing here recently. hrmmm…

What’s Next

And in the past week I have been focusing energy and spare time to a side project I’ve had going for a long time but not really told a lot of people about. (similar to this blog) Making Soap. And my Soap website. I am consciously going to put more time and effort into that site. More than I put into this blog. I want to focus on it for a few months and see what can be accomplished. I will still blog here on occasion for non-soapy things, but if you’re interested in my soap website, check it out!

It’s MakeYourSoap.com

handmade soap

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  1. Tom

    Glad you’re still kicking and posting albeit occasionally. Happy New Year and good luck with the soap.


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