Life Updates – Fall 2014

By | October 10, 2014

Hi everyone – just thought I would write a post to let you know that I’m still alive and kickin’ – though I’m not really sure many people actually read this blog. I was so fired up when I started the blog (as when I begin most new projects) and over time I have sort of let it dwindle. I hope you’re not mad 😉

So what’s new with me? Well I left my boring corporate job to go back to the small web design company I started working for right out of university. My boss invited me to lunch and let me know that he would be hiring for a “Creative Director” and wanted to see if I was interested. Well YEAH! I will say that I took a pay cut to go back to this small local company, but it’s definitely worth it to me to be back in a place that I feel needed. It’s important that when I leave work at the end of the day that I feel like I really accomplished something. That was missing at my corporate job. Now sure, I’m much more stressed with all the projects and deadlines, but I’m definitely happier overall. Plus I have a sweet title.

In other news I’ve had some other life changes. I got some very sad news about 2 months ago that my aunt (who has suffered for years from depression and addiction) took her life. She was living in FL so I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in a while, but I was still so saddened to hear the news. Also My younger sister has been an absolute train wreck since she was a teenager and it’s only gotten worse. It’s so frustrating because for about 10 years I have tried to help her and steer her in the right direction. I have loaned her tons of money and done hundreds of favors for her. And she always throws everything away. Around the time I got news about my aunt, my sister went to a 28 day drug rehab facility. She has also struggled with her mental health and addictions. And now recently, well she has screwed up for the last time for a long while because she’s landed herself behind bars for a while. So many minor charges have all come back to haunt her. And in most recent news my amazing grandmother passed away over a week ago. She was 94 and lived an incredible life. She and my grandfather are such an inspiration and I’m sad they’re both gone now but I’m happy that they are together again now. So yeah. A lot. August and September were pretty shitty.

Me and BeerBut October has to be better. It has no choice! I have lots of great things planned this month. Last weekend we went to a beautiful wedding and camped out overnight. Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to be bottling & kegging our recent home brew beer (Pumpkin Porter) and then headed off to a local beer festival. Hopefully Sunday we are going to go out for some MD blue crabs before the season comes to a close. Next week/weekend I’m traveling with my dad and brother to Illinois for the funeral. It’ll be sad, sure, but it’s rare that I get to see my extended family so I will be grateful for that time together. The next weekend my brother and I are traveling to NY to visit my mom who I haven’t seen in a while either and I’m taking her to see her first roller derby bout too! Then right before the end of the month is my best friend’s birthday dinner.

Cheers to October!

2 thoughts on “Life Updates – Fall 2014

  1. Nicole B.

    I’m so so sorry to hear about everything that has been going on for you! Cheers to November! May it bring you much happier times 🙂 And come on back to blog land! 😉

    1. Bex Post author

      Thank you Nicole! I know I’ve been MIA sort of. I’m a bit torn between this blog (which has no clear direction/subject matter) and my soap website. October was better than Sept and I LOVE Thanksgiving so I’m sure the rest of the year will be better.


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