By | May 14, 2010

Good morning. Today I have examined a couple logos and I have to say, I’m not a fan of recent changes. The two logos I have taken a look at are Google and Seattle’s Best Coffee….both of which are a part of my daily routine!

First up, Google. Honestly, these changes aren’t so bad. There are things about the old and new that I like. I think I would like a blend between the two. The old Google is fun, but still academic and professional in the deep shading and the light drop shadow. The new logo is very bright, with less contrast in lighting and less dimension. They also dropped the little ‘TM’. Like I said, I think I would like a logo that falls somewhere between these. The new logo seems to elementary and childish. The old one seems reliable, yet still fun…but I think the drop shadow might have been a little cluttering.
Second, Seattle’s Best Coffee. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Here’s a little history lesson: Seattle’s Best began roasting in 1970 in Seattle, Washington. Gaining popularity, Seattle’s best grew to a modest but healthy 500 or so stores across 20 states. Then became the official coffee in Borders bookstores adding about another 500 locations. Now it is second only to Starbucks! Here’s the thing. Starbucks bought Seattle’s Best in 2003 and now is re-branding and partnering up with Burger King, Subway, & AMC Theatres; this adds about 30,000 points-of-sale. And now an ugly cheap looking logo to match it’s new low price and partnership with fast food. Also, I hear they are going to put it in vending machines. They want it to look more “approachable” and “affordable,” but I think it looks like a sterile blood donation center’s logo. I hate it. I found that most other people hate it too, according to the following blog page. People have even tried to ‘fix’ this logo and post it in the comments of the blog; some people, like Von Glitschka have just decided to poke fun and the new generic logo:

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  1. Ashley

    I agree this Seattle’s Best logo sucks. Before I even read that you thought it looked like a blood donation logo I was thinking hospital stuff.

    You know what other logo I hate? Great Value at walmart. They changed everything into white and blue. It’s so boring!


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