Mid-Day Rant on Thursday Afternoon

By | June 12, 2014

Greetings from my computer desk.
In a cinder block walled office.
With no windows.
And bright and buzzing fluorescent lights.

As I was washing my hands before lunch I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, “I am so ghostly” Despite the fact that it’s MID JUNE, I have not yet been to the beach. I have no place in my yard to get sun or privacy. And my month is full of jam packed weekends – mostly derby stuff.

I can’t believe it’s June 12 ..It’s almost my birthday. A year has passed, I’m getting older, and I’m spending most of my time in a cinder block office. This sucks. I need to figure something out. How I can spend more time outside on a regular basis. A job I like. Something.

Ok I’m done. //end rant

2 thoughts on “Mid-Day Rant on Thursday Afternoon

  1. Nicole B.

    Ughhh I haven’t been to the beach yet either! Life is so busy and its amazing how fast the summer flies by!!! If only I could work in the sunshine… hmmm….


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