Money Saving Tips: Cell Phone Bill

By | April 3, 2014

6 Month Review – Ting Mobile

Money Saving Tips – Blog Series

How to Save Money on your Smart Phone BillSo I’m going to start a series of posts about how you can save money and live on the cheap like I do! Living on a dime is something that many young adults right out of college are very good at. You spent those 4-5 years living on bananas and noodles so you could pay your tuition buy beer on Friday night.

Who is to say that when you grow up and get started with your career that you have to inflate that lifestyle? Who says you need a nice car just because your work associates have nice ones? Why do you need 3 bedrooms for you and your  cat? Why pay $80+ per month on your smart phone? It’s just not necessary and all these expenses make it take significantly longer for you to save money for your goals.

So how much can you really save? $10/month? $20? What about $50 or MORE? Yep. I have been doing just that for the past 6 months. I have paid an average of $11.01 per month with Ting Mobile. what?

Let me break it down for you

With Ting’s bucket method (which is brilliant) I typically fall in the following buckets:

$9   –   Medium Minutes bucket (<500 min)
$5   –   Medium Messages bucket (<1000)
$3   –   Small Data bucket (<100 MB)
Plus $6 for my line & taxes ≈ $26.65 / month

I know you’re thinking $26 is NOT $11, so let me explain. When I signed up, I used someone’s referral link. I got a $25 credit and so did the other person (win-win!). Then Ting is so awesome and they want your business, so they are going to help you pay for your Early Termination Fee with your current provider. So when I switched I also got a $48 Ting credit for that. And finally in January I had MY first referral – I got my dad to switch so I got a kickback there. ($50 for the first referral, $25 for more)

6 Months of Bills: $189.06
6 Months Credits: -$123
Total PAID: $66.06
Per Month Avg: $11.01

So there you have it! Over the past 6 months I have paid $11 per month on average after considering account credits. Check out how awesome Ting is! Get $25 credit! (Referral Link!)


Ting Customer Service and Call Quality

So I know you love the pricing. BUT What about other important factors? Well rest assured that Ting really has you covered. Ting operates as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) – That means that they don’t have their own towers – They work over the existing Sprint network! So if there is Sprint coverage in your area, so can expect success with Ting!

And the customer service is freaking incredible. When I signed up I forgot to use the referral code as planned. One quick e-mail to Ting and they got it straight for me right away. And they talk to you like you’re a friend. Very casual and friendly. So refreshing! I have had a few interactions with them via e-mail and every time I’ve gotten a prompt, helpful, and friendly response. They are just cool people!

If you all are interested I’ll do a future post on how to get signed up with Ting, because it’s a tiny bit tricky to bring your own phone but it’s a great deal. I got my phone on eBay used for about $120. 🙂

If you wanna sign up now though you can use my referral link! They even have a savings calculator on the site so you can calculate how much money you can spend on beer Friday night put in your savings account. 😉

4 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips: Cell Phone Bill

  1. Nicole B.

    This sounds pretty cool. My parents are looking for a cheaper plan once their contract runs out in June. I’ll tell them about this! Do you have good service in Salisbury?? My husband uses Sprint here in Silver Spring and it’s not so hot.

    1. Bex Post author

      You know, the service is not as good as Verizon was. But it’s not bad. I found it a little annoying the first month but I’ve adjusted. The service is a little quirky, but it’s perfectly acceptable for me. I will say though, I don’t talk on the phone that much – typically less than 500 min/month total. One thing to keep in mind is that there are NO free minutes (mobile to mobile / nights & weekends). Same with texts. They keep it simple a minute is a minute. A text is a text.

  2. Mike

    Hi Bex, are you still using this service and has it worked out how you expected?

    1. Bex Post author

      Hi Mike! Thanks for commenting.
      YES I am still using Ting. After 8 months, it’s working out just fine. The call quality is a bit less than I had with Verizon – Vzn rules my area. (Ting utilizes the Sprint Network). The pricing has been great and customer service is very cool. 7/8 months I have fallen in the following buckets: M Minutes ($6), M Messages ($5), S Data ($3). Total bills come to $23 + surcharges (varies based on your state and local taxes/laws). Over the past 8 months my billed (not paid) average is $30.28 because I did have 1 month of much higher usage.


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