New Skates

By | January 19, 2010

new skatesSunday I lazed in bed all morning and got up to go roller skating. Best part was I got to pick up the skates that I recently bought! They are much more comfortable than the rentals. Definitely worth it! They will last for a long time! After skating (aka dodging all the little kids) we went to mom’s house for dinner. When we got home we hung out with roommies at home and ate oreos with cream cheese in them.

Monday was a day off! Woo hoo! We made some sushi for dinner and then we played some Wii Fit before the movies. We saw Avatar in 3D. It was great. I really enjoyed it. Now I’m really tired because the movie didn’t start until 10:25 so I got to bed pretty late.
I’m trying to do some homework now that my online class started back up. I am going to have to work really hard to keep up with the class. I don’t think that I like online classes. Alright, I’m signing off and getting back to work!

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