Blogging is Hard

You may probably disagree with me. I have quite a few blog post topics written down, but actually taking the time to sit and write is my largest challenge. Ok so you finally sit down and write your post. But you want some facts and statistics to back up your point or argument so you’ll… Read More »

Spotted: Light at the End of the Tunnel

If you have been keeping up with my recent posts, you may be wondering more about my house situation. If you didn’t read those 2 posts, here are some quick summaries before we get into today’s post. Home Owner & Landlord at age 19 – I decided it was time for me to move out. I wanted… Read More »

Home Owner & Landlord at age 19

My first house It was after my freshman year in college. I had lived with my dad that year and I decided it was time for me to become fully independent and move out. So I pitched a crazy idea to my dad, and he actually agreed: I wanted to buy a house. At age… Read More »

Sad Chickens

The other day I saw an article snippet on Facebook and after reading, I knew I had to do whatever possible to help people make decisions. So I reposted the article – See photo. If you haven’t read this article, Please read it. My post sparked some conversation between my friends and one friend shared… Read More »