Spring 2010 Semester Goals

By | January 22, 2010

This is based on an entry that Emily did. They are in order of my unorganized thought process…

1.) Graduation Prep. Get all of my academic awards and memberships straight and make sure that I have cords or sashes or other random graduation junk all figured out. Plus get photos done cheap. Also figure out how graduation works at Wor-Wic, since I will get a “Letter of Recognition.” Maybe I won’t walk there…?

2.) Wor-Wic. Keep up with my online class and try to get the most of it. It’s the second level web design class @ Wor-Wic and I want to feel confident in web design when I’m done.

3.) Self Promotion. Buy a domain and get a personal website up to promote myself and my best graphics/web work. Also create/update Monster/Koda/LinkedIn/other career networking sites. Also I will probably go through an censor my Facebook profile (yes even though my account is set to ‘private’).

4.) Have Fun. My classes should hopefully be easier this semester, and I really just want to finally not be stressed out 24/7 for once. I plan on going out more. Hanging out with friends more. And definitely roller skating more!

5.) Continue Weight Loss. I have lost 15 lbs over the past few months, but I have quite a bit more that I would like to lose. I want to be back to how I was pre-college (aka pre-eating-like-crap).

6.) Take Care. I typically wake up and rush off to class or work without paying too much attention to what I’m wearing or putting on makeup. Later in the day I might trow on some mascara and eyeliner… This semester I want to focus on taking my time in the mornings to get dressed and ready for the day. Hopefully this will help boost my confidence.

7.) Apply. Apply for jobs for after graduation and/or work on getting my freelance web design going. I want to be prepared for next September…when I am no longer allowed to work at my awesome jot on campus. (very sad, I love this job)

8.) Pay it Off. Gotta finish paying off our mattress payment (first priority) and then I want to pay down my small student loan before it starts collecting interest.

I hope to make this the best semester yet!! Time to CELEBRATE!  Class of 2010!

2 thoughts on “Spring 2010 Semester Goals

  1. Emily

    !! I completely agree with your numbers 5 & 6. I lost like 15 pounds since last May, and it’s not noticable at all really. (Or if it is, no one says anything to me about it 🙁 ) Anyway, I want to lose another 5lbs I think… that’d get me down to right under 140.. which sounds kind of big I guess, but I’m in shape, so it’s muscle, and um… so what? Most of that last 5lbs will come off if I just done my arms/stomach muscles more … I hope!

    Alsoooo number six I agree! I agree! I agree! I always do that. I never ever wear makeup to class, or do my hair. I do make a point to be dressed nice (I literally won’t wear sweat pants to campus, I feel like a big slacker)… but my hair and makeup could def. do with some updoing. I’m thinking of trying to get up at 5:30 everyday, which I know is super early, but it’ll give me time to kind of relax, get to the gym, and get ready slowly (even though the gym not opening til 6:30 kind of ruins things), and get on with my day so I can be on campus at 8 or 9.

    Anddd I’m excited for our girls dates that we’ll have this semester. I’m always jealosu of girls who have stuff like that that they do… it’s such a good excuse to just relax, and talk about girl stuff. (Esp. since we’re all at pretty similar spots in life).

    Anddd I’m jealous of your rollar skating. I’d love to go but unless they have some kidn of ‘membership fee’ it’d add up wayyy too quickly for my poor minimum wage behind 😛

    Ahh I have so much to say about this post!! Good luck!! :o) I can’t believe you’re almost done!!

  2. Bex

    Yep I plan to get up every morning at 6:30 and do some wii fit and make coffee and take my time getting dressed and ready.

    Yeah I am going to ask next time i go about a membership or frequent skaters program or something. Since we bought our skates it’s been cheaper (except the fact that the skates were super $$$$).


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