Thank goodness for backups

By | November 20, 2014

My website was hacked and deleted today! How about that. Maybe it was random, maybe targeted. I’m not sure, but today when I visited my website – blank. nothing. NADA. I panicked – for a second. Thank goodness that I’m a web designer by trade and pretty tech savvy! I logged right in to my awesome web host and restored my site to my most recent backup.

Seriously, you always here those warnings – save your work often, back up your data. We are so inundated with these messages, I think that we tend to ignore them. My computer won’t freeze, I’ve got 8GB RAM! Oh nothing will happen to my silly little website. Or I’ll back up my photos this weekend. Quit your excuses and do it already! You never know when you’re going to lose or break your phone to a point where you can’t turn it on (and lose all your precious photos). Or when your website will just crash or get hacked. So go set up back ups now!!

(meme) Backup All The Things

/ end PSA

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